Before & Afters


Changing Lives, One Smile At A Time

Seeing children walk out of our doors with strong, healthy smiles is the reason behind our mission here at Growing Smiles Dentistry. We’re honored to be a part of their oral health journey, and invite you to take a look at our Before & After gallery to explore real patient stories!

Zirconia Crowns

A healthy, bright smile.

This little one's teeth presented with extensive cavities. After careful consideration and discussion of all treatment options with their parents, we decided to fix the child's four front teeth with natural-looking zirconia crowns.

Composite Crowns/Dental Bonding

Reshaping tiny teeth.

A variety of factors can affect the development of teeth, including their size and shape. Composite crowns or dental bonding can reshape teeth while still allowing the gum line to naturally develop.

White Spot Lesion Treatment

Restoring demineralized enamel.

This patient had white spot lesions, which are the result of decalcification. Without any drilling, we were able to remineralize the teeth in less than an hour!

Dental Bonding

Restoring a chipped tooth.

This patient chipped the corner of their front tooth. We were able to restore their tooth with minimally-invasive composite dental bonding.